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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why should I use a professional photographer?

  •  You Get More Sales:  As soon as a potential buyer scans your online listing, you have only a couple of seconds to impress them before they click to the next home. If your home isn’t photographed or staged properly in those listing photos, you could lose a sale without ever knowing it. 
  • Homes Sell Faster and For More:  Multiple studies have shown that homes marketed with professional photography get more showings and therefore the property sells faster and for more money.  
  • You Get More Listings:   Great professional photography is a way to get more listings.  
    • It is easier to win a new listing when the agent promises the seller to market their property by using professional photography.   
    • Neighbors of the listing property will watch carefully how a property is marketed with professional photography and will ask the agent to list their property when the time comes. 
    • The seller will tell their friends how pleased they are with the agent for marketing their property with professional photography.   
  • You Are More Competitive:  Your competition uses professional real estate photographers.  They know that they have a competitive edge over agents who don't.
  • You Make More Money:  Agents who use professional photography generally are more successful and make more money.  Therefore, professional photography is an investment and not an expense.  Once you have tried professional real estate photography you will be convinced of the benefits and will use a professional real estate photographer for most if not all of you new listings.

2.  What Is High Dynamic Range "HDR" Photography?

 We photograph in HDR, High Dynamic Range.  A High Dynamic Range "HDR" image is commonly made by blending three or more photos of the same scene, each at different exposures.  A software process then merges/combines all the photos to bring details to the shadows and highlights.  The resulting HDR photo looks great and similar to  what the human eye sees.

3.  What is Staging a home and is it import?

Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money.  It is very important for both showing and photographing the home.  We have a page of staging tips that will be helpful to you in preparing your home for photographs as well as showing your home.  At the top of this page click on "Staging" the click on "Staging Tips".  Please note, our professional photographer do not stage the home.  If you think that you need professional help search for Home Staging Companies on the internet.  Home Staging Companies can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your home, especially if the home is empty.

4.  How do I schedule a photo session with you?

Place your order by Phone: 561-740-8055, Cell: 678-591-4894 or Use the Contact Form to send me an email to schedule your appointment.  We will confirm by phone or email.  We will need your credit card information at the time of booking. 

5.  When can you photograph my listing?

Generally within 3 business days of your order.   We will be happy to check our calendar when you call and arrange a time that will work for both of us.

6.  Do I have to be there at the photo session?

The real estate agent should attend the entire shoot. This gives you the opportunity to tell us what features you want us to highlight and angles you prefer.  You also can help in the final touches of staging the property.  Note, our professionals do not touch any personal items in the home.  If you can’t be there, try to find a co-worker of yours who can assist us. Otherwise, access to the property will have to be provided and we will photograph the property "as is".  If we think that the property is not ready for photographs we will advise you of the situation and ask for your advice.

7.  How log does the photo session last?

Generally 1-1/2 to 2 hours.  Of course, that may vary based on some factors like the home’s size and how well it is staged.

​8.  What about bad weather?  

​We are fortunate that we live in beautiful sunny Florida.  But bad weather happens.  We can't shoot in the rain but we can shoot when the sky is overcast.  We can make the sky beautiful again in Photoshop.  We will be happy to reschedule if the weather doesn't cooperate.

9.  When will I get my photographs?

Your photographs ​will be edited as necessary and delivered to you by email link as soon as we can, generally 1 to 3 business days sized and ready for you to upload to MLS.  High resolution photographs for printing are available upon request.

10.  Do I get a Virtual Tour Slideshow?

​Some of our package includes an unbranded Virtual Tour Slideshow set to music.  We will send you an email link to the actual file and a Link to the YouTube version.  You may attach this YouTube link in you MLS listing if you wish.  Examples of this Virtual Tour Slideshow is on the Virtual Tour page under the Portfolio tab.

11. What areas in Florida do you provide service?

 We photograph in the following counties:  Martin County, Broward County, Palm Beach County & St. Lucie County.

12.  Are you insured?

​Yes.  We have liability insurance and we are indemnified thru Professional Photographers of America.

13.  Do you personally photograph my listing?

Yes.  I provide excellent photography for my clients.  I take my time and pay attention to detail.  I don't have an army of photographers working for me.  I am the photographer and you know who will photograph your listing.  I have associates that provide aerials, videos & other specialty services for me.

14.  What happens if you get delayed or can't make it  for the session?

Unfortunately, we are all human and things happen.  I will call you and let you know if I am delayed or can't make it for the session due to the conditions.  Together, we will decide the best option.  I believe it is important to have good communications with you.

15.  Do you stage my listing?

I unfortunately am not a stager/decorator/house cleaner.  All properties should be photo-ready when I or my associates arrive.  I highly recommend a professional home staging consultation prior to photography, as home stagers know how to get a property picture perfect.  Due to liability of potentially damaging furniture, flooring, walls, décor, etc. I do not move furniture, treadmills, kitchen appliances, dog crates, etc.  I also do not touch bathroom supplies so please make sure your client has removed all personal hygiene items from showers and bathtubs.  If I notice a pillow on a bed isn't sitting correctly or a mattress is showing, I will try to make it look as best as possible, but overall the property should be ready to go when I arrive.